Why Craft gives us happier and more productive clients

Written on by Emile Bosch

We started the hunt for the great CMS some time ago. We’re originally startup oriented company, so we aim for pragmatism, fast publishing, business coherence, low ceremony and ease of use.

During our trials for the simplest CMS, we have had a couple of contenders. Let's list them below:

  1. Wordpress
  2. Joomla
  3. Kentico
  4. Drupal
  5. Sitecore

The verdict

The following reasons is why Craft CMS won in our tender.

  • Ability to edit our content in a structured way allowing you to model the content towards your business. This allows to get new publishers up to speed fast.
  • Amazing editing experience that enables copywriters and content producers to build content fast and easy.
  • Build on proven technologies like PostgreSQL and PHP.
  • Few components for a super low maintenance surface.
  • Easy to develop on for developers.
  • Hitting the sweet spot between functionality and understandability.

Want your own Craft site?


A great editor experience for fast and low ceremony content management

The user interface of Craft is simple and straight forward. This allows even the most inexperienced content managers to get up to speed quickly. But don’t mistake its simplicity for a lack of editing power.

Wherever you are in the editor, you can update related content directly and edit images on the spot. This allows for unparalleled editing speed and enables you to publish content faster and easier than the competition. Simply said, it does more with way fewer clicks and does not introduce complexity.

A flexible content-first model that allows for highly dynamic content to support your business

Craft allows to create content types with many different fields in order to model your business appropriately. Where other CMSs force you to build around a given structure, Craft gives you the tools to shape the data exactly as you want. No more awkward renaming or entering data in the system. A fluent, sensible content management experience is the result.


Small maintenance surface and little dependencies

Craft doesn’t need much in terms of maintenance. It is simple, runs on both PostgreSQL and MySQL, and works well with containers.

It’s a breeze to maintain and launch in our cluster.

Perfect for a mobile apps with a headlessGraphQLAPI

Sometimes we want to consume our data from another type of devices. Lets say a mobile app. In this case we need to fetch our content with an API.

Craft allows us to do this with the GraphQL plugin. This allows us to access our data in a super simple fashion.

Great for the developer and the implementer community

Craft makes it easy to developer for. It has an extensive set of documentation, guides and support to hit the ground running.

Why this matters for your business?

When we boil this down to value for your business, it means a better product for less money.

Faster on-boarding of new people, faster publishing and less costs for maintenance.