Craft CMS 3.2: what's new

Written on by Anastasiia Ivanova

Craft CMS has recently released Craft 3.2 that includes some great new features. The focus is on improving the author experience but they've added developer-facing features as well. Let's take a look!

Autosave Drafts

If you want to edit an entry, Craft CMS now autosaves a new draft of the entry, and there is no need to click Save button anymore. When you come back to the entry, you can select the version of the draft.

Preview Targets

Craft Pro allows you to add multiple locations that should be available for previewing entries in the section. It helps to make sure that the entry looks good on all the places on the site where it will appear. As a content author, you are able to see how your content will look like in the main places that users will be seeing that as well.

Propagation Method

Now you have more control over which sites entries and blocks should be saved to. Drafts have become multi-site.

Sortable Custom Fields

Now you can sort on custom fields within element indexes.

Element Index Pagination

If you have many elements, now it's easier to look through the whole list as they are paginated on element index pages.

Element Exporting

Now you can export elements right from the element index pages in case you need some element to migrate content to another system or to use Craft Feed Me plugin. Feel free to download the current list of elements from the control panel as a CSV, XLS, XLSX or ODS file.

Related Element Validation

If you don’t want authors relating assets that are still missing their Alt Text, you can force them to fix validation errors on related elements before they can publish a new version of the parent entry.

Field Type Enhancements

Table fields can now have Dropdown, Email, and URL columns. Besides, Dropdown and Multi-select fields can define optgroups if you need to group together options.

Headless Preview

You can now view preview drafts and revisions when using Craft as a headless CMS.

New Testing Support

Craft now includes a Codeception testing framework for plugins and projects.

User Impersonation

Non-admins can now impersonate other users. You can give such permission to a certain user group so they can log in as other users (e.g. client) and check what the problem they're facing.

SuperCraft has a support package if our customers want to update to Craft 3.2. Drop us a line!