Splash: an easy way to get stunning Unsplash images in Craft CMS

Written on by Anastasiia Ivanova

One of our favorite plugins is Splash! Let's see how it can help to never post an ugly image again :)

Images are an integral part of any website or blog, so it makes sense to automate the process of how you work with them to not spend much time searching for and selecting the best fit.

The Splash plugin allows you to download images from Unsplash directly into your images folder. Unsplash is a service where photographers post their images of high resolution and any person can download them. The service is about quality so it's different from what we are used to thinking about free stock photos. And a great thing is that the CC0 license allows you using the photos for any purpose.

The plugin brings these photos right to your Craft CMS dashboard where you edit your content. You can search Unsplash to find a perfect image you need right now or see the latest featured images. It keeps an image author and a link to their profile for your convenience. Besides, the plugin is free to use!

Let's sum this up: Splash is simple, free, and you have a huge pool of high-quality relevant images without the need to leave your CMS dashboard.

Check it out at the Craft CMS plugin store!

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