Why we built SuperCraft

Written on by Karens Grigorjancs

Last week I was reading an article which was clearly trying to convince the reader to buy a smartwatch. I was reading it until I got to a link “View more images”. To my full disappointment, after clicking it, nothing happened. I clicked once again, nothing. I refreshed the page, scrolled down to the link, clicked the link, nada. I thought, hey, I know how to solve this problem, maybe this website is just not tested in this browser. I tried Firefox and even Internet Explorer. No luck here, so I decided to check out another website and left the page.

With a variety of different operating systems and browsers, it can happen that the website just does not work in one of those, right? With 100+ different mobile devices on the market which all have different screen resolutions and densities, it is all right that the website does not look how it should, right? With tons of technologies out there, it is totally fine that the website is built with tools with which the developers are familiar with at that moment and not with the tools which are the best for that particular case. As long as it works, right?

Right? Well, no! Apart from the obvious problem is that people will just leave your site when it does not work, there are many more issues hiding in the swamp of mediocre development. The speed of the website is a key metric for the conversion, as people are not willing to wait any more. Google also hates slow websites and will “reward” the unoptimized websites with a nice spot on page 10. And if you don’t spend time on a proper SEO foundation, you can forget it at all. The list goes on and on with high maintenance costs, website down etc.

At SuperCraft we test the website on multiple devices

It is unfortunate to see outdated websites that flood the market of web development nowadays. It is sad to hear the stories websites that no longer are maintained because the developers don't dare to touch it. I became frustrated when something does not work like it should. So, why not to do it ourselves and raise the bar?

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there who can deliver you a promotional website, a product site, a landing page. Some of them are doing business since the early days of the Internet and got big with that. And most of them still work using their conventional business model.

To exemplify this, take this conversation:

- Customer X (corporate): I'd like a website for my services please.
- Agency: Okay, it will cost you €20.000. (Thinks: as you have lots to spend, I will multiple the price by 4)

- Customer Y (startup): Heey, I want a website
- Agency: No problem, it will cost you €5000 as this your budget. (Thinks: Will spend as little time as possible on this one)

Do you think this is not how it happens in IT? Think twice! And many times they still manage to under-deliver and over budget.

I have worked in different agencies and have done assignments for many customers and the thing I hear the most is: Every site is different and the amount of work differs every time. While that might be true for custom development in terms of regular sites it is roughly the same type of work every time.

Basic ingredients include; An easy-to-use CMS to add pages and fancy images. A good SEO base to be found by your potential customers and rock solid hosting. And if you need 3 extra languages, the approach and the amount of work is roughly similar.

The skill of estimation comes with the experience. It seems so simple if you just know how to build every part of the website, because, guess what, you did it many times already. That is why we decided to openly show our prices and make them independent of your wallet size. For everybody to see and compare. We believe that nobody should be afraid of the transparent pricing model.

My team and I have worked in different digital agencies, startups, corporates and founded our own companies. Armed with this knowledge we want to bring you an era of better built and maintained websites. We created SuperCraft to make the Internet a better place for everybody.

Finally a modern, high-quality and affordable website is available for everyone. We're happy to have you onboard!

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