Craft CMS vs WordPress: towards happier and more productive clients

Written on by Anastasiia Ivanova

We started the hunt for the great CMS some time ago. As an originally startup-oriented company, we aim for pragmatism, fast publishing, business coherence, low ceremony and ease of use.

During our trials for the simplest CMS, we have had a few contenders, such as WordPress, Joomla, Kentico, Drupal, and Sitecore.

Craft CMS all the way

To skip ahead, you might have already guessed that we are big fans of Craft CMS, which is not even on the lists of the most common CMS systems. However, its popularity is growing fast and we are proud to be among its early users (actually, we are in a good company of Hootsuite, Intel, Netflix, Salesforce, Atlassian, Sonos to name a few).

So, what has prompted one of the biggest and most successful businesses to choose Craft CMS?

Here is why we love it and why we highly recommend it to our clients. Of course, we had to compare it with WordPress which is still the most popular content management system to-date:

  • Great editing experience for fast and low ceremony content management.
  • A flexible content-first model that allows for highly dynamic content to support your business.
  • Craft is great for your SEO.
  • Low maintenance surface and little dependencies.
  • Craft CMS is secure.
  • Perfect for mobile apps.

Great editing experience for fast and low ceremony content management

The user interface of Craft CMS is simple and straightforward. This allows even the most inexperienced content managers to get up to speed quickly, especially if we compare it with WordPress where it’s very difficult to get a page to look the way you want it and often requires some HTML and CSS knowledge.

But don’t mistake Craft’s simplicity for a lack of editing power. Wherever you are in the editor, you can update related content directly and edit images on the spot. This allows for unparalleled editing speed and enables you to publish content faster and easier than the competition. Simply said, it does more with way fewer clicks and does not introduce complexity.

Another delightful feature is Live Preview that shows you how your published content will look like on the front-end of the web page and updates in real time while you add and edit it from the admin panel. You can also get the feedback from your team before publishing by sharing the Live Preview with them.

A flexible content-first model that allows for highly dynamic content to support your business

Craft CMS allows creating content types with many different fields in order to model your business appropriately. It gives you the tools to shape the data exactly as you want.

On the other hand, WordPress forces you to build around a given structure and you have to spend a lot of time and effort to make a custom site. You may need to remove unnecessary features and plugins and make changes in the HTML code, which can eventually break the website in the process.

There are no themes or preset templates in Craft. No more awkward renaming or entering data in the system. Everything is designed and coded from scratch which allows creating a unique experience specific to your project. A fluent, sensible content management experience is the result.

Craft CMS is great for your SEO

WordPress plugin, Yoast, has long been considered as the best SEO plugin but Craft has stepped up their game.

SEOmatic is a turnkey SEO plugin which is powerful, flexible and has a core set of useful SEO features. You don’t really need to worry about search engine optimization anymore as it provides a comprehensive SEO strategy as soon as you install it. You manage your content and website, while the plugin handles everything SEO-related based on the best practices.

Should we mention that Moz - the leading SEO expert tool on the market - has chosen Craft? ;)

Low maintenance surface and little dependencies

Craft CMS doesn’t need much in terms of maintenance. It is simple, runs on both PostgreSQL and MySQL and works well with containers. It’s a breeze to maintain and launch in our cluster.

On the other hand, WordPress has many updates that lead to more maintenance time. Plus, some plugins can be left outdated and cause issues at some point. WordPress development is not straightforward comparing to Craft CMS, leading to the more confusing and hard-to-maintain code.

Craft CMS is secure

Although WordPress is free to use, their sites are regularly attacked by hackers who get easy access through outdated plugins and badly maintained software.

Craft CMS, on the contrary, requires a paid license. It lets them prioritizy security and privacy and there were no such happenings so far. Their code bases and dependencies are regularly inspected both manually and with the automated auditing tools, and they engage experts to prevent any security incidents. That’s why Craft CMS is trusted by numerous corporations, financial and governmental organizations.

Perfect for mobile apps

Sometimes we want to consume our data from another type of devices. Let’s say a mobile app. In this case, we need to fetch our content with an API.

Craft allows you to do this with GraphQL plugin and offers REST endpoints as well. Therefore you can access your data in a super simple fashion.

Why it matters to your business?

When we boil this down to value for your business, it means a better product for less money. Faster on-boarding of new people, faster publishing and fewer maintenance costs.

Craft CMS hits the sweet spot between functionality and understand-ability.

If you are still not convinced about Craft CMS, we will be more than happy to chat with you and answer all of your questions.

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