Craft CMS integrations and plugins

Written on by Emile Bosch

We can offer many integrations which can be implemented through Craft CMS plugin system, Google Tag manager or implement them manually if the vendor offers that possibility. Below, some of the Craft CMS plugins are listed, if your desired integration is not listed, feel free to send us a message.

404 monitor

Monitor 404 HTTP not found exceptions. See which requests fail often.

Admin Bar

Front-end shortcuts for clients logged into Craft CMS.

Advanced Image Field

Image field with advanced options and validations.

Advanced Url Field

Configurable URL field that provides multiple format restrictions and validation.

Ad Wizard

Easily manage custom advertisements on your website.


User agent parser with additional features

Agnostic Fetch

uniform syntax for fetching elements whether or not they have been eager loaded


Aliyun plugin for Craft 3

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 integration for Craft CMS

Amazon SES

Amazon SES mailer adapter for Craft CMS.


Twig filter for Craft CMS 3 to optimize rich text content for Google AMP.


Customizable statistics widgets and entry tracking for Google Analytics.


Add anchor links to headings in your Craft CMS website content.

Ansel for Craft

A Craft CMS field type for defining image requirements and non-destructive editing of images per-field

Apsis Newsletter

Integration with APSIS mailinglist for Craft CMS 3


CraftCMS plugin to generate content models from JSON data.


Better asset handling for load balanced environments.

Asset Ownership

This plugin extends the existing asset query and shows only the assets which has been uploaded by the current user.

Asset Rev

A plugin to aid cache-busting in Craft 3

Asset Usage

Adds a column to see which assets are used or unused.


A queue handler that moves queue execution to a non-blocking background process


Log adding/updating/deleting of elements


Automatically login based on whitelisted IP, basic auth username or URL keys


Generate CSVs and XLS files in your templates


Intelligent static file caching for creating lightning-fast sites.


Export and import entire matrix blocks and manage/render their views.

Blockonomicon Super Table Adapter

Blockonomicon adapter for Super Table fields.


Build your site with the Bootstrap front-end framework.


Test your responsive layouts on various screen sizes in Live Preview.


Log Craft errors/exceptions to Bugsnag.

Bugsnag integration

Enables errors to be sent to Bugsnag (

Bulk Edit

Bulk edit sections content

Button Box

A collection of utility field types for Craft

Cache Flag

Cold template caches that can be flagged and automatically cleared.


The most powerful event management plugin for Craft. Set up beautiful calendars and events in minutes!

Calendar Links

Generate add to calendar links for Google, iCal and other calendar systems


Send and manage email campaigns, contacts and mailing lists.

Campaign Monitor Lists

View and manage your Campaign Monitor subscriber lists in your Craft CMS control panel.

Campaign Monitor Service

Campaign Monitor Service is an API wrapper and settings manager for Campaign Monitor plugins for Craft.

Campaign Monitor Transactional

Campaign Monitor Transactional email adapter for Craft CMS.

Campaign Pro

Adds pro features to the Campaign plugin.

Categories Data Source for Sprout Reports

A collection of Category-related Data Sources for Sprout Reports

Category Tree Helper

Builds a category tree structure for your menu and links.

Child Me!

Adds an Add child shortcut to Structure and Category indexes


Edit rich text content in Craft CMS using CKEditor.


Edit rich text content in Craft CMS using CKEditor 4.


Purge Cloudflare caches from Craft.


Add the awesome in-browser code editor CodeMirror as a field type.

Collapse CP Nav

Hide the control panel’s left pane navigation to free up more screen real estate.


Use Laravel Collections in Craft

Color Extractor

Extract colors from image assets in Craft CMS.


A slick color picker fieldtype plugin for the Craft CMS 3 control panel.

Colour Swatches

Let clients choose from a predefined set of colours.

Command Palette

The Spotlight/Alfred for Craft.


Not a fan of Disqus? Provide your users with a fully-featured comments solution.

Comments Work

Add user comments to your content entries

Commerce Widgets

Insightful widgets to use with your Craft Commerce 2 store


Allows you to connect to external databases and perform db queries

Console Toolkit

A couple of useful commands for the craft console.

Constant Contact

Basic Contact Contact integration for Craft CMS

Contact Form

Add a simple contact form to your Craft CMS site

Contact Form Drip

Integrate your Craft CMS contact-form with your Drip email automation system.

Contact Form Extensions

Adds saving to the database, a confirmation email and template overrides to the Craft CMS contact form plugin.

Contact Form Honeypot

Add a honeypot captcha to your Craft CMS contact form

Contact Form Templates

Custom email templates for the Craft CMS Contact Form plugin

Contact Form Tuner

Adds a bunch of additional controls (cc, bcc, reply-to, templates, plain text control) to the Craft CMS Contact Form plugin.

Contact Form Validation

Enhanced Validation for Craft CMS Contact Form Plugin

Content Stats

See how many entries have been created for channels and structures in your Craft CMS website.

Control Panel Body Classes

Adds special classes to the Control Panel's tag.

Control Panel CSS

Add custom CSS to your Control Panel.

Control Panel JS

Add custom JavaScript to your Control Panel.

Control Panel Nav

Manage your Control Panel navigation.


CookieBot integration into Craft CMS 3.

Cookie Consent Banner

Add a configurable cookie consent banner to the website.


A simple plugin for setting and getting cookies from within Craft CMS templates


Deployment tools for Craft on fortrabbit

Country Detect

Easily switch out content according to country using Cloudflare IP Geolocation API

Country Redirect

Easily redirect visitors to a site based on their country of origin

Country Select

Country select field type.

CP Clear Cache

Fewer clicks to get clearin'

CP Element Count

Ever wondered how many entries and assets you actually have in that site?

CP Field Inspect

Inspect field handles and easily edit field settings

CP Style Guide

Control panel style guide.

Craft3 Assets Autoversioning

A Twig extension for CraftCMS (Craft3.x) that helps you cache-bust your assets

Craft Cheat Sheet

A fast and customized set of instantly usable Field code samples.

Craft Color Mixer

A set of Twig filters for modifying color values.

Craft Commerce

An amazingly powerful and flexible e-commerce platform for Craft CMS.

Craft Dynamic Fields

Populate Craft fields with dynamic data using the power of Twig.

Craft Email obfuscator

A simple plugin that adds a Twig Tag to obfuscate email addresses (by ROT13) in text fields or strings.

Craft Navigation

Navigation plugin for Craft 3


A GraphQL implementation for Craft


Remotely manage your Craft CMS installs.

Craft RSS

Use RSS Feeds in your templates with ease

Craft Slugify

Adds slugify twig extensions to your craft install.

Critical CSS

Generate Critical CSS without the need for SSH access.


Reads a CSV file and imports the rows. It turns each row into a location category.

Dashboard Begone

Removes the dashboard and redirects users to the entries page.

Default Dashboard

Set default dashboard widgets for users.

Default Tab

Add a standard tab to your new sections

Delete Account

Allows users to delete their own account within Twig templates

Delete Entry Versions

A utility to delete entry versions

Digital Download

Provide secure digital download links to your files.

Digital Ocean Spaces

A Volume Plugin that interacts with Digital Ocean Spaces

DigitalOcean Spaces Volume

DigitalOcean Spaces integration for Craft CMS

Digital Products

Add digital products to Craft Commerce.


DingTalk plugin for Craft 3


Integrates the Disqus commenting system into Craft 3 websites, including Single Sign On (SSO) and custom login/logout URLs

Do It Yourself widget

A super easy way to create dashboard widgets for the Control Panel.

Donate Fast

Donate Fast

Do Not Track

Craft 3 plugin for respecting Do Not Track headers sent by browsers.


Connect to Dribbble API to pull in shots, projects, user etc via Twig.


Bringing larapack/dd to your Craft templates & code

Eager Beaver

Allows you to eager load elements from auto-injected Entry elements on demand from your templates.

Easy Address Field

The only address field you need

Element API

Create a JSON API for your elements in Craft

Element Index Defaults

Setup default columns for your element indexes.

Element Map

Shows related elements (entries, assets, categories, etc.) in the sidebar of full-page editors.

Email Validator

Email address validation for user registrations, custom forms and more.

Embedded Assets

Manage YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Twitter posts and more as first class assets

Empty Coalesce

Empty Coalesce adds the ??? operator to Twig that will return the first thing that is defined, not null, and not empty.


AP-style title capitalisation for Craft CMS

Entries Subset

Craft field type plugin that extends the core Entries field type to give extra settings with ability to restrict by entry type, author, author groups

Entry Count

Count and display the number of times that an entry has been viewed.

Entry Instructions

A simple fieldtype to add instructions

Entry relations

Keep track of relations to entries. See which entries are safe to delete, and easily replace entry relations

Enupal Backup

Fully integrated Backup solution for Craft CMS. Backup to: Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Softlayer Object Storage, FTP, SFTP. Receive emails notifications and much more!

Enupal Slider

Responsive and customizable Slider plugin for Craft CMS

Enupal Snapshot

PDF or Image generation from a URL or HTML page easily. It uses the excellent webkit-based wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage available on OSX, Linux & Windows.

Enupal Translate

Translate your website templates and plugins into multiple languages. Bulk translation with Google Translate or Yandex.

Environment Label you don't forget where you are.

Error Notifier

Sending an email if an error occurred.

eWay for Craft Commerce

eWay payment gateway plugin for Craft Commerce 2

Exec Widget

Widgets which run Tasks that call exec(...)

Expanded Singles

Alters the Entries Index sidebar to list all Singles, rather than grouping them under a 'Singles' link.

Export CSV

A plugin to export entries to CSV files.

Extra Twig Extensions

Adds the extra filters and functions from Twig Extensions (

EZ Map

EZ Map integration for Craft CMS


Facebook Insights widget for the dashboard.


Connect a Website to an Facbook Page

Fallback Site

Allows sites of a multi-site install to use entries of other sites if a matching slug is found.

FastCGI Cache Bust

Bust the Nginx FastCGI Cache when entries are saved or created.

Feed Me

Import content from XML, RSS, CSV or JSON feeds into Entries

Feed Me Pro

Import content from XML, RSS, CSV or JSON feeds into Entries, Categories, Craft Commerce Products (and variants), and more.


Utilise the Guzzle HTTP client from within your Craft templates.

Field Manager

Manage your fields and field groups with ease with simple field or group cloning and quicker overall management.

First Image

A plugin to get first image from Redactor Field.

Fix FKs

Restore missing foreign key constraints in the database.

Fix Me a Link

Fix Me a Link is a simple link obfuscator, to hide your linked asset's URL.


This plugin provides all the necessary means to run Craft Elements as Yii2 fixtures


Use FlickrImages

Form Builder

Craft CMS plugin that lets you create and manage forms for your front-end.

Form Builder Integrations

Various 3rd party integrations for Form Builder plugin.


Craft form plugin that will let you use forms like contact forms or more complex forms as you would when using the Yii 2 Framework

fortrabbit Object Storage Volume

A Craft plugin that integrates with fortrabbit's S3 compatible Object Storage

Freeform Lite

The most intuitive and powerful form builder for Craft. Effortlessly build beautiful forms in minutes!

Freeform Payments

Adds payment capabilities to Freeform in minutes!

Freeform Pro

Adds API integrations, reCAPTCHA, conditional rules, premium field types, advanced exporting and widgets to Freeform.

Froala WYSIWYG Editor

Froala WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor


Protect your Craft CMS website from access with a universal password.


A plugin that integrates GatherContent and Craft 3

GDPR Data Checker

Run through the database and pull out any information associated with a specified email address


Geetest plugin for Craft 3

Geo Cookie

Collect information about a visitor's location based on their IP address and store the information as a cookie.


GeoMate is a friend in need for all things geolocation!

Gift Voucher

Sell and redeem digital gift vouchers on your store

Gold SiteCopy

With this plugin you can copy the content of an entry to another site.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage integration for Craft CMS

Google reCAPTCHA for Sprout Forms

Use Google's free, state of the art, spam protection technology with Sprout Forms.


Adds gravatar support


Assign users to specific user groups upon registration. Especially useful for front-end signup forms.


GTmetrix gives you insight on how well your entries load and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimise them.

Guest Entries

This plugin allows you to save guest entries from the front-end of your website.


A CMS Guide for Craft CMS.

Hack Job

This extension adds a Twig filter for CraftCMS templates to refine fields of entries.

Happy Brad

Add a Happy Brad to your Craft CMS Dashboard.

Help Links

Define useful links to be added to the dashboard for clients.


Adds a new hexdec filter to Craft, which will convert a hexadecimal value to a decimal.

Hide Admin

Hide admin users from non-admin users

Hirefire worker scheduler for Craft queue jobs

HTML Cache

Cache pages to HTML and boost website performance on Craft CMS 3.x

HTTP2 Server Push

Automatically add HTTP2 Link headers for CSS, JS and image assets.

HubSpot Connector

Expose Hubspot API features in Twig and pull in content from your HubSpot Portal.


Craft plugin that provides a new field type that offers users an easy way to pick an icon from a .woff or .ttf font file. You can easily use ionicons or font awesome icons

ICS calendar importer

Imports ICS calendar feeds that can be used in your templates.

Image Base64 Encode

Base64 image encoding via twig.


Automatically create & optimize responsive image transforms, using either native Craft transforms or a service like Imgix, with zero template changes.


The ultimate tool for all your image transform needs.

Image Resizer

Image Resizer resizes your assets when they are uploaded.

Imager Storage Driver for DigitalOcean Spaces

Puts you Imager transformed images on DigitalOcean Spaces.


Use Imgix with Craft


Add CSV data import functionality to the native Table fieldtype.


XML data importer tool

Incognito Field

PlainText drop-in replacement that can be set to disabled, hidden or readonly.


A simple plugin for inlining stuff in your templates.


Inline the contents of a file in a twig template.

Instant Analytics

Instant Analytics brings full Google Analytics support to your Twig templates and automatic Craft Commerce integration with Google Enhanced Ecommerce


Interface for Intercom

Internal Assets

Restrict public access to assets to permitted users only (beta-version)


Take stock of your field usage.

Json Client

Simple Json client plugin for Craft3 CMS. The plugin provides a simple Twig extension which allows you to fetch a Json url and and use the result in your Twig template

Klaviyo Connect

Integrate Craft Commerce with Klaviyo

Language Redirector

Automatically redirect visitors to their preferred language


A dead simple Craft3 plugin that makes lazy loading your images a breeze.


Like Lettering.js, but in Twig


One link field to rule them all.

Link Vault

Protect and track downloads on your site. Prevent and track leech attempts.

LiteSpeed Cache

Clear the LiteSpeed cache on page save.


Harness the power of the Google Autocomplete API inside Craft. Adds an autocomplete search box to Craft entries.

Logout Redirect

Configure where to send users after they logout.


Access logs from the CP

MailChimp Lists

Create, manage and monitor your MailChimp Lists from within Craft.

Mailchimp Subscribe

Plugin for subscribing to MailChimp newsletter lists.


Mailgun integration for Craft CMS

Mailgun Events

Track Mailgun events from the utilities section

Maintenance Mode

Programmatically disable the website through command line


Mandrill Adapter for Craft CMS

Many to Many Field Type

A Field Type plugin for Craft 3 that allows the management of relationships from both sides.

Match Input

Craft field type for text fields that match a regex pattern

Matrix Colors

Identify your Matrix blocks by giving each type a different color.

Matrix Toolbar

Expand, collapse, change the status of, or delete multiple blocks in a Matrix field simultaneously.

MD5 Twig Filter

A filter for twig to hash a string with MD5


Easily combine arrays of strings within your Twig templates

Migration Manager

Quickly create migrations for settings (ie fields, sections, sites) and content (ie entries and categories) at the click of a mouse.


A simple plugin that allows you to minify blocks of HTML, CSS, and JS inline in Craft CMS templates.


Helper plugin for Laravel Mix in Craft CMS templates.


Use Mobile_Detect for detecting mobile devices (including tablets)

Mollie for Craft Commerce

Mollie integration for Craft Commerce

MultiSafepay for Craft Commerce

MultiSafepay payment gateway plugin for Craft Commerce 2


Generates a nanoid for new entry slugs.

NASA Astrology Picture of the Day

Adds a simple widget which pulls the NASA Astrology Picture of the Day in the dashboard


Navigations and menus made easy


Create and manage navigation menus for your site.


A Matrix-like field type that uses existing fields


Add Deploy hooks for Netlify

New Relic

Helps instrument your Craft app with New Relic APM by setting transaction names and (optionally) an App Name on each request.

NMI Gateway

NMI payment gateway


Notification plugin for craft 3.x


Send notifications across a variety of delivery channels, including mail and Slack. Notifications may also be stored in a database so they may be displayed in your web interface.

NSM Asset Rev

Rev asset urls with timestamps

NSM Fields

Address, telephone, email, embed and gender fields for CraftCMS 3


Adds a Twig filter to obfuscate emails using Hivelogic Enkoder.


A powerful menus plugin for Craft 3 built for the need of simplicity and flexibility

Order Notes

Order notes for Commerce


Simple parent + child management


A plain text field with a soft or hard character limit


Adds Parsedown, the PHP Markdown parser to Craft CMS.

Password Policy

Enforce a password policy on your users.


This twig plugin for the Craft CMS brings convenient path & url manipulation functions & filters to your Twig templates.


Maintenance Mode & SSL Routing for Craft 3

PayPal Buy Now Button

Sell products or services on your website using a PayPal Buy Now Button

PayPal for Craft Commerce

PayPal payment gateways plugin for Craft Commerce 2

PayPal Payflow

PayPal Payflow payment gateway plugin for Craft Commerce 2


PDF thumbnail generation for Craft CMS 3

PDF Transform

Transform a PDF page to an image (JPEG, PNG)


Form handling for Craft developers. Process, test, store, send email notifications, configure client side validation, include powerful spam protection, and more.

Phone Number

International phone number field.


Plugin represents the Phpmail plugin which enables you to change PHP Sendmail path.

Pic Puller

Integrate Instagram into Craft CMS.


Generate responsive and elements based on configuration.


A Widget To Show Stats From Pingdom On The Dashboard


Automagically return the headers and container that PJAX expects

Placeholder Pixel

Create a base64-encoded transparent pixel of the given width and height

Placeholder URL

Craft 3 CMS plugin for URL functions in Twig with placeholders.

Plugin UXD

Craft plugin user experience designer.


Advanced Live Preview with device emulator and the ability to switch which template is targeted.

Position Fieldtype

Brings back the Position Select field type from Craft 2


Postmark adapter

Preparse Field

A fieldtype that parses Twig when an element is saved, and saves the result as plain text.

Preview Button

Adds a preview button to the entry editor screen to allow previewing of draft/revision entries

Print Labels

Print shipping labels (DYMO Labelwriter)

Protected Links

Secure & restricted files download


QARR allows customers to share their opinion about a product or ask questions.


Qiniu Cloud Storage plugin for Craft 3


Execute database queries from the Control Panel

Query Strings

Add your query strings back into your Craft CMS pagination. Pull an array of all query strings, including duplicate keys

Queue Manager

Job Queue Manager for Craft CMS.

Rackspace Cloud Files

Rackspace Cloud Files integration for Craft CMS

Random Key Generator

Randomly generated keys and passwords.


Fieldtype that allows you to create random things via chance.js

Range Slider Field for Sprout Forms

Range Slider Field for Sprout Forms

React for Craft

Client and Server-side React rendering for CraftCMS


Get statistics on your text.

Read Time

Calculate the estimated read time for content.


Integrate Google’s reCAPTCHA into your forms.


A comprehensive recipe FieldType for Craft CMS that includes metric/imperial conversion, portion calculation, and JSON-LD microdata support


Edit rich text content in Craft CMS using Redactor by Imperavi.

Redactor Custom Styles

Apply predefined custom styles to selected text in Redactor fields.

Redactor Font Awesome

Craft redactor font awesome plugin for Craft 3

Redactor Grammar

Redactor with beyond grammar extension

Redactor Script Buttons

Adds superscript and subscript buttons to Redactor in Craft 3.

Redactor Tweaks

Provides some tweaks to the default Redactor II Rich Text fieldtype.

Redirect Manager

Manage 301 and 302 redirects and let you set a 404 catch all page with an easy to use user interface.


Relabel fields in your layout to reuse them for different purposes without creating essentially identical fields


Easy reordering of previous Craft Commerce user orders


Restrict access to the CP based on a IP whitelist

Restrict Asset Delete

A Craft CMS plugin to prevent the deletion of a used asset.


A collection of powerful Twig filters for modifying HTML


Retour allows you to intelligently redirect legacy URLs, so that you don't lose SEO value when rebuilding & restructuring a website

Rich Variables

Allows you to easily use Craft Globals as variables in Rich Text fields

Route Map

Returns a list of Craft/Vue/React route rules and element URLs for ServiceWorkers from Craft entries

SagePay for Craft Commerce

SagePay payment gateway plugin for Craft Commerce 2

Salesforce Leads

Generate Salesforce leads from form submissions.

SAML SSO Service Provider

SAML SSO Service Provider


A fluent builder types and ld+json generator based on Spatie's schema-org package


Craft setup and sync tool


Craft Scout provides a simple solution for adding full-text Algolia search to your entries. Scout will automatically keep your Algolia search indexes in sync with your entries.


Write SCSS in your twig templates.


Returns only the part of a text which contains a given searchterm and highlights it


Configure powerful custom filters for an enhanced search experience in the Craft CMS control panel

Section Field

Configurable field that allows selecting from available singles, channels, and structures.


Easy entry seeder for Craft CMS


Error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. Iterate continuously. Boost efficiency. Improve user experience.


SEO utilities including a unique field type, sitemap, & redirect manager


SEOmatic facilitates modern SEO best practices & implementation for Craft CMS 3. It is a turnkey SEO system that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible.

Sequential Edit

This plugin lets you edit multiple elements (entries, assets, categories ...) in sequence, without being sent back to the index page each time you save your changes.


Serve password protected files


SharedCount integration into Craft CMS 3.


Security scanner and monitor to keep your site and CMS secure.

ShipStation Connect

Integrate Craft Commerce with your ShipStation Custom Store

Shopify Product Fetcher

load your shopify-products into your craft3 cms instance


Simple URL shortening

Sidebar Themes

Customise the look of the CP sidebar


Similar for Craft lets you find elements, Entries, Categories, Commerce Products, etc, that are similar, based on... other related elements.


A beautifully simple Google Map field type.

Simple Text

This plugin adds a new “Simple Text” field type to Craft, which provides a textarea that’s optimized for entering documentation.

Single Cat

Field type that allows the user to select a single category from a drop-down.

Sites Field

Craft 3 Field type that allows the selection of Craft sites.

Site Switcher

Easily switch between sites on any page of your website.


Hashes the Id of an entry when it is saved and replaces the slug.


Bring the unbridled joy of Markdown Extra and Smartypants to your Craft websites

Smart Map

The most comprehensive proximity search and mapping tool for Craft.


Automatically validates forms and prevents spam bots from submitting to your site.


Report when two people might be editing the same entry, category, or global


Allow your visitors to social login and register to your Craft website with web services like Facebook, Google, Twitter…

Social GitHub

GitHub integration for Social

Social LinkedIn

LinkedIn integration for Social


Quickly and easily get beautiful Unsplash images in Craft!

Splashing Images integration for Craft 3


Enhance your Matrix fields with groups, tabs and more! Works with Super Table for all your inception needs.

Spreadsheet Tools

A toolkit for reading, writing, and processing spreadsheet data in Craft CMS.

Sprout Active

Simplify navigation and URL-based logic in your templates.

Sprout Email

Flexible, integrated email marketing and notifications.

Sprout Encode Email

Encode email addresses in your templates to thwart evil spam bots.

Sprout Fields

International, Craft-friendly field types.

Sprout Forms

Simple, beautiful forms. 100% control.

Sprout Import

Import content and settings. Generate fake data.

Sprout Lists

Subscribe and unsubscribe to things.

Sprout Notes

Sometimes you just need to write a note!

Sprout Reports

Powerful custom reports.

Sprout SEO

Content-focused SEO. Search, Social Sharing, Structured Data, Sitemaps, and Redirect Manager.

sSMTP Mailer

Craft 3 CMS plugin for adding the sSMTP mailer (sendmail replacement).


A simple plugin for adding timestamps to filenames.

Star Ratings

An easy to use and highly flexible ratings system.


Simple real-time stock quotes from the Alpha Vantage API.

Store Hours

This plugin adds a new “Store Hours” field type to Craft, for collecting the opening and closing hours of a business for each day of the week.

Stripe Checkout

Bringing the power of Stripe Checkout to your Craft templates.

Stripe for Craft Commerce

Stripe payment gateway plugin for Craft Commerce 2

Stripe Payments

Allows customers sign up for recurring and one-time payments with Stripe, perfect for orders, donations, subscriptions, and events. Create simple payment forms in seconds easily without coding

Stripe Webhooks

Handle Stripe webhooks in a CraftCMS application

Style Inliner

A Twig tag for inlining styles in a template.


A super-duper sorting toolkit for your Craft templates.

Super Table

Super-charge your Craft workflow with Super Table. Use it to group fields together or build complex Matrix-in-Matrix solutions.


Simple support system for tracking, prioritising and solving customer support tickets.


Convert SVG Images from SVG stored in an entry field

SVG Icons

Craft CMS Twig extension to include SVGs from the Feather and Zondicons SVG icon libraries directly in your templates.

SVG Placeholder

A plugin which generates an invisible SVG of specific dimensions for use when lazy-loading images in Craft CMS templates.

Table Maker

A user-definable table field type for Craft CMS


A tag manager for Craft 3


An console command to tail your Craft log

TDE Emoji text

This plugin bypasses the error X cannot contain emoji.

TDE - Geo Address Fields

Geo Address fields for Craft Sections

Telegram Notification Channel

A Telegram notification channel for the Craft Notifications plugin

Template Comments

Adds a HTML comment with performance timings to demarcate `{% block %}`s and each Twig template that is included or extended.

Template Select

A fieldtype that allows you to select a template from a dropdown.

Template Tools

Craft CMS Plugin to provide some extra functionality to Twig templates

Title Entries Field

New field type useful in menus, submenus or related lists if you are linking to other content but want to use shorter or different titles in the lists.


A collection of useful things for Craft websites


Transcode video & audio files to various formats, and provide video thumbnails


Craft Plugin for restricting Pageview only to the Registered Users


Twigpack is a bridge between Twig and webpack, with manifest.json & webpack-dev-server HMR support

Twig Perversion

Making twig do things it really shouldn't

Twig Profiler

Twig Profiler allows you to profile sections of your Twig templates, and see the resulting timings in the Yii2 Debug Toolbar

Twig Webpack Extension

A plugin that provides


Twig image transforms for CraftCMS 3.


Tweet field, search widget, embeds, and authenticated Twitter API requests.

Two-Factor Authentication

Craft 3 plugin for two-factor or two-step login using Time Based OTP.

Typed Link Field

A field type for selecting links


Typogrify prettifies your web typography by preventing ugly quotes and 'widows' and more


Units is a plugin that can convert between any units of measure, and comes with a Field for content authors to use

Update Checker

Automated update checker that notifies you of any pending updates


A cache plugin for Craft - supporting multiple Edge Caches, like Fastly, KeyCDN & Cloudflare


Lets your users upvote/downvote, like, or favorite any type of element.

User Manual

Craft User Manual allows developers (or even content editors) to provide CMS documentation using Craft's built-in sections (singles, channels, or structures) to create a `User Manual` or `Help` section directly in the control panel.

Users Data Source for Sprout Reports

A collection of User-related Data Sources for Sprout Reports

US States Field for Sprout Forms

US States Field for Sprout Forms


Supercharged text field validation.


Easily store some loose values into files

Venveo Bulk Edit

Edit almost any field on any set of entries with zero configuration

Video Embedder

Craft plugin to generate an embed URL from a YouTube or Vimeo URL.


Connect to YouTube & Vimeo and publish social videos on your website.


A URL fieldtype with validation.


A plugin that integrates for Craft CMS


It walks, like the walking man.


Webpack assets for Craft CMS


Webtexttool is the easiest way to make your website content SEO proof, resulting in higher search engine rankings and more traffic to your website. With webtexttool everyone can create great content and make sure it's SEO proof at the same time.

Wheel Form

Free form builder for multiple forms, database integration, ReCaptcha, Custom email templates and much more.

Width Fieldtype

Let users choose from predefined widths


Trim, truncate, typogrify, Emojify, inflect, parse, Markdown, slice, search, replace, and scrutinze... your words.


Create a workflow for publishing entries, complete with user roles.

Worldpay for Craft Commerce

Worldpay payment gateway plugin for Craft Commerce 2


X-Clacks-Overhead is a non-standardised HTTP header based upon the fictional work of the late, great, Sir Terry Pratchett. This plugin enables you to add the pre-requisite 'GNU Terry Pratchett' as well as other custom X-Clacks-Overhead headers to Craft.

XML Sitemap

Craft 3 plugin that provides an easy way to provide and manage a XML sitemap for search engines like Google and Bing


Creates a new support ticket in Zendesk using the JSON API